Versace Plagiarizes Artist Kesh’s Designs

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Did Versace really just rip off LA-based artist Kesh’s designs? It looks to be the case. The British born artist took to social media to share an image of a graphic shirt from Versace’s spring/summer 2015 collection that looks suspiciously––let’s be honest, exactly––like a design from her 2013 capsule collection for American Apparel.

Kesh wrote on Instagram, “What is this? Why can't these companies, these brands, these people create their own work? What happened?”

Since her original post on Instagram, fans and industry insiders alike have rallied with her. Publications like Vogue, Bullett Magazine, and The Cut have all reported on Versace’s knock off and the world is taking notice.

British Vogue.

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Versace’s shirt is currently retailing for $650, where Kesh’s shirt for American Apparel retailed at $50. According to report from Fashionista, “Kesh plans to legally pursue the issue [...]” but no word from Versace representatives yet.
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