Parsnip Soup
by Chef Christopher Agnew, Caviar Russe

Black Truffle, Sweetbreads, Mascarpone

5lbsParsnips (Peeled And Sliced Thin)
2ozOlive Oil
1lbsWhite Onion (Peeled And Sliced Thin)
1ozSliced Garlic
2qtHeavy Cream
8ozBrown Butter
--Salt To Taste
2ozBlack Truffle Puree
11Olive Oil
8ozSweetbreads (Cut Into Small Pieces)
2ozVeal Jus


--Fried Parsnips
--Fresh Black Truffle
--Nasturtium Leafs
--Star Flower
--Lucky Sorrel

  • 1. Over medium heat add olive oil, garlic, and onion. Stirring constantly not to get any color, cook until translucent aproxmently 5 minutes. Then add parsnips and continue to cook for 10 to 12 minutes. Once parsnips have begun to break down add heavy cream and cook over low heat for 40 minutes. Add soup to blender with brown butter and blend on high speed until smooth. Adjust seasoning and pass through fine mesh strainer and reserve.
  • 2. In small bowl fold black truffle puree, salt, and pepper into mascarpone.
  • 3. In small pan over medium high heat roast sweetbreads in olive oil and butter till crispy and golden brown, add veal jus to glaze.
  • 4. To finish spread black truffle mascarpone on side of bowl. Artfully place fried parsnips into mascarpone and grate black truffle on top. Arrange nasturtium, star flower, and lucky sorrel randomly on top of the black truffle. Add sweetbreads to bottom of bowl. Pour soup tableside.