Frida Kahlo’s Fashion Revived in New Retrospective

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Frida Kahlo is renowned for the contributions that she’s made in the art world, but a new exhibition is taking a different look at the iconic artist. Japanese photographer Ishiuchi Miyake’s photo series, titled Frida, is focused on the artist’s visually stunning aesthetic sense––rather than the usual study of her technicolor paintings. This new body of work gives insight into Kahlo’s daily life and is eerily parallel to her artworks.

The photographs are of Kahlo’s personal relics, which were abandoned and sealed up in her and her husband Diego Rivera’s home after her death in 1954. As one writer from Quartz puts it, “Many items revealed attest to Kahlo’s creativity and courage in disguising the health problems that plagued her life—from the full, traditional skirts that hid a leg crippled by polio, to the bold red prosthetic that eventually replaced it.”

All photos courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery
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