Lookbook Index: Top 10 Street Styles from Around the World

The College Girl BY MASHA S., BLOGGER ON MASHA-SEDGWICK.COM FROM BERLIN, GERMANY. Find more at http://lookbook.nu/masha_sedgwick
Matilda BY BEATRICE G., 20 YEAR OLD BLOGGER AT WWW.THEFASHIONCUISINE.COM FROM DUSSELDORF, GERMANY. Find more at http://lookbook.nu/thefashioncuisine
Big rips BY LARISA C., 25 YEAR OLD FASHION BLOGGER AT WWW.THEMYSTERIOUSGIRL.RO FROM BUCHAREST, ROMANIA. Find more at http://lookbook.nu/themysteriousgirl
Coffee Run BY JENNY T., DESIGNER & BLOGGER AT WWW.TSANGTASTIC.COM FROM LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES. Find more at http://lookbook.nu/tsangtastic
Overknee BY SILVIA P., FROM WWW.POSTOLATIEVA.COM FROM LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. Find more at http://lookbook.nu/user/90613-Silvia-P
15-02-09 BY JENNIFER G., NATIVE FOX FROM CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES. find more at http://lookbook.nu/jennifergrace
Laid Back - Bakerman / maffashion BY JULIETT K., MAFFASHION FROM POLAND, POLAND. Find more at http://lookbook.nu/juliettk
Grey sweater. BY KATARZYNA K., FASHION BLOGGER & MODEL FROM KRAKÓW / TOMASZÓW LUBELSKI, POLAND. find more at http://lookbook.nu/katepanth
Suits U BY PAULINE T., CONVICT FROM DALLAS, UNITED STATES. Find more at http://lookbook.nu/avantlard
She's a Lady BY KRISTINA D., 19 YEAR OLD MODEL AND BLOGGER FROM ODESSA, UKRAINE. find more at http://lookbook.nu/kristina_doli
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We’ve got the skinny on this week’s top 10 street styles from around the world; its all about the skinny jeans. From acid washed to classic black to ripped up and high waisted, skinny jeans were worn in all variations this week.

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