Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Puts the Cute in Activewear

Actress Kate Hudson was in London to talk about Fabletics, her women’s sportswear, activewear and workout clothing label. She spoke exclusively to Fashion One host Stefanie Rycraft Jones about the project.

“I don’t think it’s a transition so much as it is an addition in my life,” the now-35-year-old Almost Famous starlet said. “For me it’s more about design. I’ve always loved designing.” When she was approached with the idea for an activewear line, she jumped at the chance. “I really felt like it was a really good fit for me personally.”

Being active, she says, has always been a part of her life: “That’s how I grew up. That’s what I know. I was an athlete as a kid, a dancer—I was just constantly moving. And as I get older, I realize how that’s benefited me, and how I give that to my kids. And then as I get older and I’m with all my girlfriends I realize how, for a lot of people, it’s a real—it can be a real struggle for them. It’s difficult to get motivated.”

The keys, she implies, are fun and functionality. “The fun side of it is that we wear this stuff all day. So I felt like, ‘That’s what I live in.’ I mean, I’ll go to work and I’ll put on a skirt or I’ll go—you have to go out and do things, maybe dress yourself up a little more. But when it comes to daily life or weekend life, real family lifestyle, I wear my workout clothes all day.”

With this cute, affordable line, however, Hudson aims to amend the sweats-and-a-T-shirt image of stay-at-home slobbery. “They’re not really workout clothes,” she says. “I think what’s happening now is the activewear community, especially with us at Fabletics, it’s really about—it is a lifestyle. It’s sort of how you incorporate it into your life and how versatile the clothes actually become. And so that’s what we’re creating.”

Seeing the community rise up around her brand she says, has been “absolutely inspiring.”

“You realize we do need this support system to get ourselves motivated, and so to be able to have that and create that has been really rewarding.”
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