Agi & Sam London Menswear Collection Spring/Summer 2015

Fashion One London correspondent Stefanie Rycraft-Jones took us behind the scenes of the AGI & SAM London Menswear Collection for Spring/Summer 2015.

Pablo Rodriguez, head makeup artist for the show, talked about the look he created especially for it: “We basically did freckles on all of them, except on the ones who already had freckles, although we did add a little bit more to make them more obvious. We didn’t use any makeup at all, no foundation or powder or anything like that, so they look a little bit sweaty and that’s a good thing because it looks less ‘makeuppy.’ And then we added freckles everywhere, all over the face but especially across the bridge of the nose and across the tops of the cheeks. We used eyebrow pencils in different colors to match with the hair color, and then we went all around for example behind the ears, on the neck, hands, everywhere—but mainly where you catch the sun.”

American model Gryphon O'Shea talked about his experience at London Fashion Week. “This is my fourth season, but it’s my first time in London so it’s pretty cool,” he said. “It’s been the toughest fashion week so far. Everything in London is really spread out so it’s been a bit difficult but the shows have been really fun.” About his look, he added, “I actually just cut all my hair off last week and it’s kind of fun to be wearing a wig again.”

John Vial, head hairstylist, spoke about the inspiration for the hair for the show: “They’re supposed to look like ‘90s Manchester skater boys. There’s something about wet hair that looks really sexy, hence the use of product through the ends.”
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