Christopher Bailey’s Shares & The “Face-Kini”

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Burberry Prorsum’s Christopher Bailey has sold 68,667 of his shares in Burberry for a reported £5.2 million. The sale comes four months after Bailey was promoted from chief creative officer to chief executive. Despite the sale, due to a restructuring process and one off rewards he has accrued, the number of shares in Bailey’s hands has actually increased, with the designer possessing 303,110 shares in the company.

Media juggernaut Condé Nast announced the sale of Fairchild Fashion Media, a group of trade publications including Women’s Wear Daily and Footwear News, to the Penske Media Corporation. As part of the transaction which is expected to be finalized in September, Condé Nast will keep control of the consumer websites and the blog network NowManifest, which had both previously been a part of the Fairchild trade group. Gina Sanders, the president and chief executive of Fairchild, will remain with Condé Nast’s parent company, Advance Media.

In China, the desire to avoid a sun-damaged face has seen Chinese women donning a “face-kini”—a mask that covers the head with small openings for the eyes, nose and mouth. The somewhat disconcerting headgear is made from swimwear material and resembles a garment between a balaclava and the masks of Mexican wrestlers. The face-kini trend, which began at beaches in the eastern Chinese province of Shangdong, has spread through the social media universe and now onto the pages of fashion magazines, with CR Fashion Book presenting an editorial which featured models clad in swimsuits designed by Alexander Wang, Armani and Michael Kors all wearing the distinctive headgear.
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