A Song of Experience from Erdem for Spring/Summer 2015

Designer Erdem Moralioglu took inspiration from nature for his Spring/Summer 2015 London Fashion Week Collection. He is not the only designer this season to blend an eye for fashion with a green thumb, creating a botanically-inspired catwalk. Mulberry based their collection on the English country garden, drawing out shades of elegance and nature in its most refined form. Erdem’s garden, however, was a more mature, wilder, brooding kind: the Songs of Experience to Mulberry’s Songs of Innocence.

The more sinister side of nature became apparent through Erdem’s dark, dense layering of tones and fabrics. Feathers were used to powerful effect, creating rippling silhouettes, while black sandals snaked vine-like to mid-calf. Interspersed with the darker looks, however, and a testament to Erdem’s versatility, were pure white, crocheted dresses, high Victorian necklines and flashes of neon. The Erdem woman belongs in the forest and the jungle, but she would not look out of place in the English country garden.

Erdem Moralioglu is quite clear about his own image of the Erdem woman. Asked what would constitute his ideal client, he has described: “A clever person who probably cares little about seasons. She has a lot of conviction and marches to her own drum.”

Daisy Lowe, a self-professed long term fan of Erdem has said of the show: “I loved that! It was so dreamy and beautiful and I adored it. I want so much of it—all the sheer dresses at the end are just absolutely stunning.”
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