Music and Comedy: Celebs on File Episode 185

Robin Thicke hit the stage this week in a frenetic publicity tour to debut his new album Paula. The singer and instrumentalist dedicated the album to his estranged wife Paula Patton. It was not all smooth sailing though for Robin Thicke. In a move that his publicist will regret, a Q & A on Twitter degenerated into an embarrassment, as he was harangued by his detractors. Continuing questions about his treatment of Paula Patton caused him to publicly admit he had not seen or spoken to her in four months. It wasn’t all PR disasters though, as he signed autographs and got out and among his admirers, meeting fans and posing for pictures. The Robin Thicke promotional juggernaut continued with his lovesick performance at the E.T. awards. Once more he dedicated his performance to his estranged wife, imploring her to forgive him for his past mistakes.

Dolly Parton, one of the most revered and arguably the most famous female country music singer, got globally down and dirty at the Glastonbury Festival in the U.K. She was also honored with an award that celebrated her sales of 100 million records worldwide. In Los Angeles, power Hollywood couple Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone took to the red carpet to celebrate the premiere of the new comedy film Tammy. The film was directed by Falcone and co-written by the pair. Also in attendance was grandmother-to-be Susan Sarandon. Fellow costar Toni Collette was elsewhere in NYC with Pierce Brosnan at the premiere of their new comedy film A Long Way Down. Across the pond in the U.K., one of the world’s greatest rock groups The Who announced a new UK tour to celebrate 50 years in the music business.
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