Fashion Shenzhen Spring 2014

Fashion Shenzhen made its Mercedes Benz Fashion Week debut showcasing its own elite designers from China's fashion capital - City of Shenzhen. Fashion Shenzhen brought the city’s fashion staples at New York for the first time having sponsored by the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, Shenzhen Economy, Trade and Informatization Committee, and the government of Shenzhen. With over 3,000 garment companies yielding a production value of $26.2 billion, Shenzhen proves to be one of fastest-growing city in the world.

"We're extremely excited for the learning experience and for the possibility for communication between Chinese designers and the US market," said Shen Yong Fang, president of the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association. "So many Western designers also want to expand their brands in China today, so it's all a two-way street."

A pop-up installation gallery at 450 Studio Gallery and a fashion show at Lincoln center previewed the work and designs by 15 Shenzhen-based designers. Few of the brands that participated for this were Lizzy, Guyan, Bennis, BBLLUUEE, and Grace Deng. New York Fashion Week organizers selected two brands – Ellassay and Denghao, to partake in the fashion show and preview their collection for Spring 2014 at the Lincoln Center. Hao Deng of brand Deng Hao and Guoxin Xia of Ellassay. Both brands have previously shown their works at London Fashion Week.


Ellassay was the first to show off their Spring 2014 collection at the runway. Silk tops, tailored blazers, pants and outerwear graced the runway in basic color palette of blacks and whites and slowly evolved to pastel colors. The brand clearly demonstrated a good combination of texture and color that exuded grace and elegance for modern women.

Deng Hao

Deng Hao sent out intricate dresses down the runway where his signature knitting was apparent. The color palette for his collection was a combination of hard and soft, giving out drama in every look. Floral patterns and gold embellishments accentuated the design crafting out his oriental style.

Fashion Shenzhen Spring 2014 Runway

Photo Credits: Ellassay and Denghao
Fashion Shenzhen Spring 2014
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