You’ll Never Guess How Much This ‘Gone with the Wind’ Dress Cost

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Gone with the Wind is a Hollywood classic, so it’s no surprise that collectors were ready to pay a pretty penny for memorabilia from the set. Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills held an auction this past weekend of 150 pieces from the Academy Award winning film and while everyone expected the auction to be a success, no one was prepared for how much money buyers were ready to spend.

You’ll Never Guess How Much This ‘Gone with the Wind’ Dress Cost
Wardrobe pieces like Scarlett O’Hara’s––played by Vivien Leigh––straw hat and Rhett Butler’s––played by Clark Gable––suit auctioned for an impressive $32,500 and $55,000 respectively. However, these figures were dramatically outshined by the standout piece of the collection. Scarlett O’Hara’s iconic black and grey dress sold for an outstanding $137,000.

According to CNN, the dress was originally purchased for approximately $20. James Tumblin, who assembled the collection, said, “I saw this dress on the floor and a docent told me not to bother to pick it up, because they were throwing it away,” and managed to save the dress from being lost. Talk about an investment piece!
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