Tokyo Vintage Shopping in Barrack Room Shibuya

Tokyo’s Shibuya district is known as one of the most fashionable places in the world, with its multitude of high-end boutiques and the ever-popular 109 building (called “Maru-kyu” lovingly by residents) that houses a large number of mainstream fashion brands.

However, the area also hides some real underground talent, such as the Dogenzaka neighborhood which hides the Barrack Room, a unique offering of Tokyo fashion, ranging from modern to vintage. Run by owner Haruka and her female business partner, the store collects its wares from locations all over the world, including America, India and more. The store’s more experimental products include a necklace made from a Chanel perfume bottle, a black skirt of feathers and Christian crosses as well as overwhelmingly multi-colored sweaters. Haruka herself even designs some of the merchandise in addition to the interior of the store which is made to match its wares, with a fantasy-like feel.

Barrack Room is open from 5am to midnight from Saturday to Tuesday, and is closed from Wednesday to Friday. The store also has some items available for mail order on its website, and Haruka posts updates about new fashions on her Twitter account.
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