Marvel Universe Live! World Premier New York

The premiere of Marvel Universe Live! at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center saw comic book colossus Marvel enthrall both kids and kids at heart alike with their original live arena show. Over two dozen Marvel favorites were thrown into a desperate battle to decide the fate of the universe, as the forces of good and evil faced off in an action-packed quest for the powers of the Cosmic Cube. To save their worlds, heroes including Wolverine, Captain America and Iron Man united to overcome an onslaught of villainous Marvel evildoers including the Green Goblin, Red Skull and the infernal Loki.

Doing their bit for the forces of good were many stars of stage, screen and sports who attended the premiere and helped more than 50 cast members provide an unforgettable experience. Hollywood favorite Katie Holmes thought the event “wonderful for kids” and was seen enthusiastically helping out at the crafts “Training Camp,” armed with glitter and glue: a true leading light of the glitterati. Miss USA Nia Sanchez and Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham visibly enjoyed posing with armies of excited children before donning The Hulk’s awesome fists and Wolverine’s iconic adamantium claws to help keep evil at bay.

With model Irina Pantaeva, gymnast Nastia Liukin and Boston Celtics’s Rajon Rondo also making appearances, the star-studded premiere will have surely spurred on our protectors in their unending fight against evil forces.
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