Tirso Rubio Pasarela Punta del Este 2014

Fashion Week’s hairstylist/correspondent Silvana takes us to the Pasarela Punta del Este Resort & Casino in South America to view Tirso Rubio’s fantastic designers collection entitled ‘Chronicles of a Rose’. His garment line is aimed at people with an urban taste and an avant-garde style. Rubio doesn’t follow the limitation of trendy styles so that buyers can confidently wear his clothing from season to season.

Silvana talks to makeup artist Sergio Quintana on how he illuminated the eyes of the models in this episode of Fashion Week.

Short elbow-length beaded jackets, midriff-length shirts with high buttoned wing collars, shimmering silk mid-thigh/knee-length full skirts with tantalizing front diagonal slit, full cheerleader-style skirts, silky knee-length sleeveless dresses with plunging neck-line, and diagonally cut floral shirts are the mainstays of this collection.

Highlights of this collection were a floral print Coral Pink and Fuchsia color midriff-length short-sleeved collarless shirt with plunging neck-line, gathered with matching belt and gold buckles, paired with a Folly color diagonally cut hip hugging mini skirt; Jazzberry Jam above-the-knee cheerleader-style skirt paired with a French Fuchsia color halter top; Egyptian Blue high waisted knee-length form fitting silk skirt; Old English Roses wing collared long sleeved shirt with Charcoal Grey sequined bodice, and; Magenta silk crew-neck long sleeved shirt accented with narrow rectangular gold bars.

This collection is defined by its use of bold colors and silken fabric that highlight the beauty of the female body.

Tirso Rubio

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