Devota & Lomba Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid Autumn Winter 2014-15

Fashion Week in Madrid continues with an Autumn Winter collection by designers Devota & Lomba. These designers have filled the aisles at many a fashion show for almost 30 years. They have a reputation for diversification and specialization and this collection does not disappoint.Each garment is very fluid and whether it is embroidered in various colors at the neck, bodice or sleeves or solid in color, all are breathtakingly beautiful and stylish.

There is a lovely selection of mini-length dresses and long evening gowns, fitted or wide-legged pants and billowy pantsuits, fur capes, plaid capes, long and short capes. Here you’ll find gowns and dresses with folds, panels and short sleeves as well as pleats, long sleeves or no sleeves at all. There is a parade of lush fabric such as silk, wool and satin, as well as fox and rabbit furs. Each garment’s pattern is a geometric piece of architecture that comes together with style and grace to create a sumptuous feast for the eye.

One particular showstopper was a billowy Dutch White pantsuit topped with a cape of rabbit fur done in matching color. The legs looked comfy and airy and the fur cape warm and toasty, making the short walk from limo to mansion door a comfortable and extremely stylish trip. Accessories for this collection were short boots of matching color, sling back high heels or pumps, and stylish purses and handbags.

Memorable outfits in this collection are the long Jet Black cape embroidered in Desert Brown/Bone/Mint Green and Jet Black with an inner liner of Fawn plaid; Mint Green mid-thigh length jacket embroidered in geometric star shapes and matching pleated mini-skirt; silk dress with crew neckline and long sleeves, patterned with fine geometric design in Indigo Dye, Isabelline and Egyptian Gold, topped sublimely by a full length fox fur coat.

Devota & Lomba

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