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Girls are always asking me what to wear on castings. I’ve discussed this with some of my close model mates and we have some agreements as to what works and what doesn’t. A LOT of modelling agents advocate a simple outfit. A white singlet and jeans is quite common attire in the casting queue. BUT it’s very dependent on the casting itself. And at the end of the day you need to STAND OUT! Ask yourself this: Is it the job editorial, commercial or character based?

Look 1: Plain

I wear this outfit for generic castings. It’s great as I’m wearing simple colours whilst still showing off my body (which is important for any client). It’s good to have a staple outfit like this for a shoot where you have to be quite malleable with your look.


Great for shoots like this:


Look 2: Commercial attire. Think bright but simple colour combinations, simliar to what you’d see in a catalogue.

As a commercial model it’s very important to dress for the brief. I shot for a travel company last year called Contiki and so in the casting I wore ‘tourist’ clothes. This is DEFINITELY the most important part about it. The agent NEEDS to be able to see how you would look in their campaign and if you’re wearing punk clothing or too much makeup it can get distracting.’


Great for:


Look 3: Character.

I often get work playing a Cheryl Cole lookalike but there are many other briefs that ask for a specific ‘look’. Perhaps it’s a Spanish girl, or a hard core punk theme. Make sure you match your hair and makeup to what they are asking for. For these kinds of castings I pay particular attention to my hair and makeup to try and replicate the exact look.


And remember it’s not just about how you look in your casting. Confidence is KEY!

So walk into that room and OWN IT.

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