Design Genius Feature: Lalit Sengar

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The second designer eliminated was Lalit from India. This promising young designer was a strong contender in the show, not being afraid to use bold patterns and take risks in his designs. He will be missed but we’re pretty sure we’ll see more of this talented designer soon. Here’s a short feature on Lalit.

Design Genius Feature:  Lalit Sengar
1. Tell us something about yourself. How did you become a fashion designer?

I am quite an extrovert and nerdy. I absolutely love reading books and traveling. I am a big foodie as well.

I belong to a family of nerds where everyone is either doctor engineer or scientist. They are more logical and technical than creative. So a designer from this family is very unorthodox. My dad has a creative side and he is a fine illustrator too, apart from being an excellent doctor. I got my creative gene from him only.

I have an eye for detail and was good in styling when I was a kid. After high school I decided to get into design to pursue my creative side and that’s how the journey of being a fashion designer begins.

2. Who's your favorite designer? Who is your style icon(s) and why?

The late Sir Alexander McQueen has been a true inspiration for me in every aspect of design. Lady Gaga is on the top of my list when it comes to style icon. I love the way she is creatively open for ideas and how well she carries each idea, executed in form of ensemble.

3. What's your design aesthetic or design style? How would you define your style?

I believe in storytelling and portraying romance via garments. With my rich knowledge of Indian textile and embroideries and a very strong hold on silhouettes, my each ensemble flaunt grace with understated sensuality and sparkle.

4. Tell us about your design process. How do you come up with your designs?

Getting inspired is the most important aspect of design for me. Once I get inspiration from something, choosing fabrics, colors to right textile and then silhouettes, all fall in place. I always draw my silhouette on a dummy, sketch on paper, and then I execute it via pattern making before converting it into an ensemble.

5. Before coming to the show, what’s the weirdest or most unconventional material you have worked with to design a garment or an art piece?

I am a graduate in leather design and for me it is the weirdest as well as most exotic material. Just imagine working with skin. Apart from leather, I have worked with wood, sand, clay, metal, plastic etc. and yes I have created art pieces from out of all these. I believe in creating beautiful pieces of art, which can be worn.

6. What's your favorite challenge / piece of design on the show?

The very first challenge, when we have to create a full ensemble/look out of hospital stuff. That’s my favorite of all. Since childhood I have been playing with all such materials, especially gloves and Band-Aid.

7. If you were the winner of Design Genius, what will you do with the $25,000 prize?

I love to travel so I would have utilized half of the money to go and experience new exotic locations and cultures. I would invest the rest of the money in my business.

8. What’s the biggest, most important lesson you've learned throughout the competition?

Time management is the biggest lesson that I have learned in this competition. Apart from that, I have experienced working with different materials that I have never used before.

9. What does fashion mean to you? And do you have any other passions besides fashion?

Fashion means the world to me. I live for fashion. In my design studio I have collected assorted art pieces from around the world. Everyday it gives me a boost for what I am living for. Fashion aside, I love to travel and experience different cultures, meeting people and learning their craft. I also love to design for period movies.

10. Is there anything you’d like to share with us about any upcoming project(s)?

I am currently working on my label “SENGAR”, which is a women’s wear label. I try to combine different Indian textiles and crafts and make it into modern fashion. We are working to make the label global now.

About Lalit:

Lalit Sengar is fashion designer based out of New Delhi and creative director of the brand SENGAR.

His work is avant-garde but also inspired by Indian ethnic wear, generated from contemporary interpretation of religious philosophies, theatre and culture. His work form twists strong patterns, digital prints, structures, and unconventional drapes. Lalit started working with many Indian crafts, and it helps him to stick to his base while designing and he also tried to incorporate di_erent techniques in his designs.

Moreover he is a fashion & leather design graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi, so he also has a deep insight of leather industry, which can also be seen in his work. After NIFT, He trained under well known Indian designers like RINA DHAKA and SHANTANU & NIKHIL. Lately has been working with TV shows and Bollywood.

He has also been selected by Zoom TV as one of the 7 new Indian designers of 2012.
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