Fashion One presents: Menswear Trends Knitwear Fall/Winter 2012/13

Knitwear is becoming the new star of winter. Of course, everyone certainly has the sweater belonging to granddad or the vintage model found at a thrift store, but now we have spotted the beautiful knitwear on the runway, worked perfectly by the big houses, offering elegant models, with many details. But can we really talk about evolution of the sweater?

The new effect is found on the interplay of materials and the colours on a single sweater : a piece of leather, chevron lining or simply textured stripes. And watch out for the other essential knitted piece: the cardigan seduces more and more ...

Mikolaj Sokolowski : I think knitwear is the mixture of the thread, the stitch has really changed, before it was just flat, jacquard, nothing special, now we are in relief, in the choices of finishes, the cuffs are not exactly the same colour as the sweater itself.

Sometimes, even the sweater becomes a jacket, it's something you want to wear on its own, after you can add a scarf or a hat. For example what I'm wearing now, it's knitwear that breathes, you can see that there's a transparency, so it keeps you warm but you can wear it easily and anywhere.

It is true that the cardigan is a basic piece because it can be worn as a jacket, in fact what is good with the cardigan is that you can really accessorize the silhouette, you can really change and make it personal, by wearing a shirt or sweater underneath, and there is also the choice of buttons, the width of the legs. There are also cardigans which can go up to here, which button up almost to the stomach, which can also be very long, with little loops, with a knitted belt, or one in leather, and for once it almost becomes a jacket.

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