The Vest is Yet to Come: Fall 2012 Men’s Fashion Trends

This year, getting that runway-ready look is easier and simpler than ever. Men's fashion trends for fall combine classic textures and colors with some unexpected elements. Upgrade your wardrobe with these eight trends and transform yourself into a suave and stylish gentleman.

A Pop of Color

Pantone's Fashion Color Report for Fall 2012 lists several bright colors men can use to craft a "tasteful" and "confident" look. Among them: Tangerine Tango, Ultramarine Green, Olympian Blue, Ruby Rhubarb and Bright Chartreuse. Cool grays, chocolate browns and creamy whites provide the neutral tones for this season. Accessorize with these colors for ties, pocket squares, patterned socks and other small pieces that add contemporary chic to your look. A bright vest paired with a classic suit will give you a sophisticated and sexy look this Fall.

Suit Up

Suits scored big on the fall runways, with Etro, Galliano, Givenchy, Lanvin and more showcasing suits. This season, look for those men's suits for sale that have a touch of whimsy such as an unexpected silhouette or ornamental pockets. Both cropped and oversize suits made appearances on the runway, turning the suit from the straight and narrow banker look into something more modern and playful.

Deep Dark Neutrals

Navy is the new black, sort of. Esquire points to a rich blue-black hue, darker than navy, making waves on the autumn runways. From coats to suits to boots, this color is hot. Go stealth in an all-midnight style, as designer Paul Smith and Corneliani have done, or back up those bright colors with this classic hue. Deep neutrals like this are classy in any season, but especially chic right now.

Go Metal

Heavy metal accents were big for men and women this spring and fall with the Hellraiser shoe trend, and the heavy metal trend continues into fall with a slightly lighter touch. Look for leather shoes and boots with a metallic accent in lieu of stiff spikes. A steel-toe tip on the outside of the shoe or silver details on the brogues are particularly striking, especially when paired with those dark sexy neutrals.

Add Light Leather

Leather adds that needed touch of warmth to fall clothes. This season, look for leather to go upscale with leather suit pants to a leather-piped wool jacket from YSL. While this style might not be the most office-friendly, it sets you off as classy and urban when worn well. Stick with black or other inky, charcoal hues of leather to get the most mileage from this look.

Add a Touch of Fur

As temperatures drop, fur is back. Designers like Prada turn to lamb pelts to accent coats and other outwear staples. Fleece-lined coats are nothing new, but this season brings oversize collars designed to showcase the interplay of textures. If you're opposed to fur, you can opt to fake it or sport a shearling coat, which incorporates sheep fleece (the sheep just gets a haircut).

Button Up

In suits and outerwear, tailored, to-the-top silhouettes are in. Look for clean lines and well-tailored pieces to go the distance this season and for years to come. Choose outerwear in black and charcoal or try a splash of color in the details.

Layer Neutrals

For a sophisticated style for work or play, layer neutrals together in shades of navy, midnight, charcoal, beige, brown or black. When done right, this looks upscale and urban a la Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela or Lanvin. Take inspiration from runway looks to put together these trends in your own way. These colors and styles accent each other pretty well, so don't be afraid to mix and match up these styles to create your own look book for fall.

Credit: Kimberly Jordan
Kimmy is an aspiring actress who loves shoes, clothes and jewelry. She has been making her own clothing since her grandmother taught her to sew on her Singer sewing machine at age 10.
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