Kate Moss and Karmen Pedaru Front Ferragamo’s Fall Ad Campaign

Kate Moss is looking as stunning as ever in Ferragamo’s new fall 2013 campaign. Reminiscent of a certain war time opulence, roman excess, where the rich get richer and the poor get…No, never-mind, really there is nothing here that evokes poor. It’s old money, bygone luxury that prevail in this ad campaign. The strong austere military influence is an interesting contrast in comparison with the soft lace and feminine dresses worn by Moss. The images are done in such a manner that we are almost transported into a world where there is no economic crash or European crisis. Fashion seems to dream on in a parallel universe where lavishness and excess are embraced. This ad truly embodies escapism through the most glamorous and covetable ways; fashion.

Author: Jade Page
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