Lauren Auerbach for Quality Magazine Issue 23

The German publication, Quality Magazine, utilized the beauty of model Lauren Auerbach for their latest issue. Photographer Andrea D’Aquino captured the editorial in breezy outdoor settings with polished imagery and resort-like qualities. Stylists Arkadius Giesek and Daniel Balks created elegant, retro-inspired ensembles, reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour with traces of Jackie Kennedy’s effortless grace. The wardrobe of vintage and modern pieces was supplied by the fashion brands: Asos, Zara, and Opening Ceremony, as well as YSL and Chanel Vintage. The color palette of soft nudes and seafoam greens and blues, matched the backdrop perfectly. The silhouettes were sexy, yet sophisticated with provocatively printed swimwear, short skirts, and delicately crocheted knits. Thick bangles, vintage sunglasses, and layered pearls topped off these refined beach pairings. For more of the editorial, visit Quality Magazine.

Credits: Quality Magazine Author: Megan Lynn Lewis
Megan  Lewis
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