The Love Bracelet Screw Meets Screwdriver – The Birth of an Icon

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The Love bracelet was created in 1969 in the Cartier New York workshops by designer Aldo Cipullo, who would also become the mastermind behind the incredible Juste un Clou bracelet two years later.

Secured using a screwdriver, the Love bracelet symbolises attachment to one another and thus, in the words of Aldo Cipullo, Cartier created "modern love handcuffs".

It is also the work of a masterfully modern craftsman who, with this sculpted gold piece, revolutionised the art and manner of wearing jewellery. The Love bracelet is not chosen to match an outfit or to suit the occasion, as was still the custom at the time. It remains present on the wrist like a second skin, day and night and always hits the right note.

Because of its difference, the Love bracelet would become an expression of independence, of standing out from the rest, unique and unisex.

Design codes: the oval and the screws

The bracelet established new codes, starting with its choice of shape – the oval – and its condition of fitting as closely as possible around the loved one's wrist.

Next came the screws, dazzling and instantly recognisable. They echo the Santos watch, which also features them on its bezel, they identify the bracelet at first glance and boost its androgynous charm.

A masculine yet feminine bracelet

The Love bracelet's appeal also stems from its pure, understated and ergonomic design, which caused it to be coveted by men as much as women. This is one of the keys to the piece's success, modern before its time, reconciling feminine and masculine.

The legend – famous great loves

Couples everywhere wear the bracelet to proclaim their love for one another for all to see, like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, or Frank Sinatra and his wife Nancy. These famous couples chose to wear the legendary bracelet, whose iconic and sentimental power has endured over the generations.

2017: This latest version is more delicate, but otherwise alike in every way with its wrist-hugging oval shape emphatically punctuated with screws. A variation on a universal classic... unisex and graphic, fastened with the help of a screwdriver, sealing your relationship within an everlasting circle of Love.

A show of strength, a state of mind, and a symbol of commitment to romance.

Wear it to signify the love that it embodies and joins together. A passion to share, worn singly, layered or alongside the original, further solidifying the link... How far would you go for love?

Check out some of these gorgeous samples down below!

Yellow gold Love bracelet
Cartier New York, 1970
Nick Welsh, Cartier Collection © Cartier

Pink gold Love bracelet with diamond screws
Vincent de la Faille © Cartier

Pink gold Love bracelet paved with diamonds, solid-gold screws
Katel Riou © Cartier 2009

Love bracelet, Yellow gold, 2017

Love bracelet, White Gold, 2017

Love bracelet, Pink Gold, 2017

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