Hilary Duff on Green Hair and Her New Ellen Degeneres Tattoo

Hilary Duff has been wearing greenish-blue hair for a few weeks, but never explained the drastic change, until her appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday. The hilarious host poked fun at the ex-superstar and praised her for her incredible post-baby body.

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“I’ve never done anything like this and I was just in Cabo with my son and I was staring at the ocean and I was like I want that on my head. So this happened,” Duff told Degeneres. “Now he [Hilary Duff’s son, Luca] likes to go through his roster of colors that he knows. He’s like, ‘Your hair’s purple,’ and I’m like, ‘No, it’s green.’ He’s like, ‘Nah.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ He’s like, ‘It’s blue.’ ‘No.’ ‘It’s purple.’ ‘No.'”

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The conversation evolved from talking about Duff’s hair to her son and her obsession with tiny tattoos. Hilary explained she had 12 tattoos including a wishbone, a heart, a BK (Brooklyn), ‘Thick as Thieves’ to match her sister, her son’s name ‘Luca’, ‘Stand By Me’, and a hummingbird.

“I think that part of me loves tattoos and part of me doesn’t want the commitment of having to see them all the time. So, when my arms are down I look just like a normie and when my arms are out I look super hardcore. Like a gangster,” Duff said about her tattoos.

Eventually, Duff unveiled her latest addition––a portrait of Ellen on her thigh the size of a small pancake. Duff has, coincidentally, been on the Ellen Degeneres show 12 times, the same number of tattoos she has.
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