Fashion Police Hiatus After Death, Departures, and Betrayal

E! announced that Fashion Police will be taking an extended hiatus after founding co-host Kelly Osbourne and newly appointed host Kathy Griffin left the program and will return in September, revamped and fine tuned.

The late queen of Fashion Police, Joan Rivers. (Paul Hawthorne / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / GETTY IMAGES)

It all began after Joan Rivers’ death and the first red carpet Oscars without the queen bee on patrol. Unsuspecting 18-year-old actress Zendaya wore her hair in dreadlocks for the event and Giuliana Rancic made a joke about her hair smelling like patchouli oil and marijuana. The off color joke was interpreted as racist by viewers and co-hosts––which Rancic claimed was written for her by the writers of the show. Ex-Fashion Police writers have since come forward to say that all writers for Fashion Police went on strike some three years ago and anyone writing about patchouli dreadlocks would be crossing a picket line.

Particularly infuriated was Kelly Osbourne who soon after the offending remarks went on a Twitter rant that ended in her quitting Fashion Police. Then, Kathy Griffin did an interview where she stated the joke wasn’t creative and claimed that the entire show was a bit low brow for her taste. Even more shocking than the interview, however, was that she quit the show completely the next day.

Now with half the cast missing E! has made the decision to fall back and regroup as countless B-list celebrities clamor for the vacancies. What will be of the show when it returns in September?
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