Gucci is the Latest Player in Smart Watch Competition

The best in wearable technology is moving at the speed of light, and everyday we are seeing new, sexier, and improved smart watches that are trying to one up the Apple Watch. While watches have generally been considered superfluous since the advent of the smartphone, the game is quickly changing. Gucci has presented one of the sleekest smart watches yet, and it’s giving the Apple Watch, wristly and all of the other wannabe wearables a run for their money.

Photo courtesy of Find__Myself via Instagram.

At Baselworld, the worlds largest watch expo, Gucci unleashed The Gucci Timepieces on a “smartband” that is completely standalone. What will you do with a watch that doesn’t even connect to your phone? Throw your phone away. The watch is a phone, an email device, a navigator, a personal assistant, an MP3 player, and even a fitness monitor. It’s everything you may or may not need in one device.
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