Nick Knight Reflects on Relationship with Alexander McQueen

Nick Knight was recently interviewed by The Wall Street Journal after his announcement of a previously unseen series of Alexander McQueen photographs titled “Black” will be brought to light in conjunction with the return of Savage Beauty to London.

Nick Knight the day after Alexander McQueen’s death.

Knight said about the first encounter with McQueen to The Wall Street Journal, “The first time I encountered Lee was at a Vogue Christmas party in the mid-’90s, at San Lorenzo. I am not much of a partygoer and I got the impression that Lee wasn’t, either. But you find your path to people whose work you admire. I was just getting up to leave—early, at half past 10 or whenever—and someone pointed him out. He was at his table, looking really grumpy.”

Knight has shot countless numbers of Vogue covers and campaigns from Dior to Diesel. Five years after McQueen’s death the 56-year-old photographer still reminisces of his time with the designer and their photo projects that, in hindsight, were often a more heartfelt cry for help than he had realized at the time. “Lots of photographs that I did of [McQueen] were about the pressures that he felt, how he wanted to articulate the feelings that he had. One picture is of him in a padded cell, in chains, hanging from his own flesh. There was another shot we did where his head was exploding,” Knight said.

The photos from Nick Knight’s collection will soon be available to see as he is finishing up the portfolio now.
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