Miley Cyrus Targets Kendall Jenner Over Instagram

Lately, Cyrus has taken to trolling pop culture subjects as a kind of hobby and in her sights this time is Kendall Jenner. The photo that was under scrutiny and manipulation was of Jenner at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards where her hair was a risque turquoise and lips a bright red.

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Miley photoshopped her face on to Jenner’s head most recently, but her hilarious photoshopping skills have landed her a new role in the celebrity community: that of the troll. Before Jenner, her sights were set on her own boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, in a photo showcasing what the couples baby might look like. She even photoshopped her face on to her own father, Billy Ray Cyrus’s head last Sunday.

Her celebrity mocking has gotten the Wrecking Ball singer more attention than her music as of late. Who will she target next?
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