Kim Kardashian Has Sex ‘500 Times’ a Day With Kanye West

Sunday marked the premiere of the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians as well as the exposure of Kim Kardashian’s plight of trying to get impregnated by her rap superstar husband Kanye West to give their daughter, North, a sibling.

The 34-year-old reality star opened the show lying on her back, explaining to the cameras that her doctor prescribed her to marinate her husbands sperm after sex by laying down for at least a minute after intercourse.

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“Literally I'm so exhausted, I've been having sex like 500 times a day,” Kim sighed to her sisters after a long day of you know what. Afterward she had lunch with Bruce Jenner and complained, “'I just got my period which means that I'm not pregnant this month and I'm really upset because I really tried really hard.”

Kim then went to a photoshoot where she posed naked––to capture her body with fear it won’t look the same after a second birth––and between shooting called Kanye over to try again in the bathroom because she was ovulating.

By the end of the episode, Kim was so desperate she began entertaining the thought of a surrogate mother.
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