Madonna Wanted to Have a Baby with Tupac

Last night on the Howard Stern Sirius XM radio show, Madonna finally caved and admitted to having dated Tupac Shakur in the mid-1990s. The rapper, who tragically died in 1996, first linked up with the queen of pop in 1994 when Madonna’s date to the Soul Train Music Awards stood her up. Rosie Perez introduced them and Tupac went with Madonna to the awards show.

Perez gave a version of the same Soul Train story last year on The Wendy Williams Show.

The book by Lucy O'Brien, Like An Icon (2007), claimed that Madonna not only dated Shakur but wanted to be the mother of a child with him. That speculation still hasn’t been addressed, but the 56-year-old singer is now the mother of four aged between 9 and 18.
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