Jared Leto is Platinum in Paris

The ex-Jesus look alike has gone albino. Jared Leto bleached not only his hair, but his eyebrows as well and revealed the complete look at the Balmain fashion show at Paris Fashion Week. Leto came to the show dressed in a white turtleneck, blue velvet blazer and mirrored aviator shades, making him nearly unrecognizable.


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Just yesterday, Leto shocked the world with his beardless, short brown hair––but that wasn’t extreme enough for the soon-to-be Heath Ledger replacement in the new Suicide Squad film. Leto is playing the Joker and showed off his acting capabilities yesterday in a creepy Snapchat. See the Snap below:

The 43-year-old superstar agitated reality television star, Kim Kardashian, by stealing her platinum thunder. Great minds evidently think alike, as Kim also unleashed her new white do at the Balmain show.
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