Instagram Account Trolls Kanye West, ‘The Fashion Genius’

Kanye Is Fashion is a new Instagram account that is gaining traction by the minute. It features Kanye West’s head cropped on to high fashion models wearing ridiculous outfits. The cherry on top? Each image features one of Kanye’s famous Kanye-isms.

Although the Instagram only boasts a total of 12 photos and 1,150 followers at the moment, it has only been around for a week.

The otherwise untapped well of Kanye’s rants about being a fashion icon are deep and rich, which makes this Instagram account a guaranteed Insta-famous account. See our favorite IG’s below:






Kanye has yet to comment on the Instagram, but if it builds enough steam I’m sure we’ll hear from the fashion genius himself soon enough. For more classic Kanye West quotes, see our top 10 Kanye-isms here.
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