Fashion Police Writer Says “I Never Even Met Giuliana”, Calls Rancic a Liar

In a strange turn of events, Giuliana Rancic blamed an off-color, perhaps racist, joke aimed at Zendaya Coleman on the staff writers of Fashion Police who then claimed to not need writers anymore after Joan River’s death. Now the writers that haven’t written a line in two years are coming forward and calling Rancic a liar.

“Have you listened to Joan? Nothing was off limits for her. That was her schtick. She was offensive, racist, and rude, you name it. There wasn’t a line Joan wouldn’t cross in comedy,” Bryan Cook, a former writer for Fashion Police said to Radar. Since April of 2013 writers have been on strike at Fashion Police because of lack of pay. Writers are now saying that there shouldn’t be any writers at all on Fashion Police, unless they are doing it secretly and crossing a picket line. But even so, when there were writers before 2013, they only wrote for Joan Rivers.

“I never even met Giuliana and no one wrote jokes for her. But things might have changed since Joan died but when she was alive Joan wanted to be the funny one. Giuliana might say things about clothes or fashion but Joan was the only one cracking jokes,” Cook said.

Someone is telling a big fat fib and the investigation down the Fashion Police rabbit hole continues in search of justice and politically correct humor.
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