Cindy Crawford Unretouched Photo Actually Retouched?

The photo that shocked the internet with its flawed beauty is under question yet again after photographer, John Russo, came forward and claimed it to be a fake. Cindy Crawford, mother of two and 49-years-old, did the shoot in 2013 for Marie Claire Mexico and the photo was leaked weeks ago. The image was praised by all those that oppose photoshop and the unattainable beauty that it showcases to the world. With this new development, however, the same people are finding themselves tongue tied.

Photo Courtesy of Randy Gerber via Instagram.

Why did it take weeks for photographer, John Russo, to confront the public about the truth? Why didn’t Marie Claire combat the rumors it was unretouched instead of confirming the rumors that the image was indeed the real deal? John Russo said in a statement to ABC News, They were “stolen or unlawfully accessed and then altered and distributed to the media.” Cindy Crawford and Marie Claire have yet to release any comments at this time.
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