Robin Wright Gets a Makeover on New Season of House of Cards

Kemal Harris designed over 60 looks for Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood in House of Cards––the most highly anticipated series on Netflix that just premiered its third season on Friday. In Mrs. Underwood’s latest evolution, she’s finally made it to the oval office but is still looking down at a gauntlet of work ahead of her. In an interview with, Kermal Harris explains how she developed the tones and change in personality through the wardrobe of the first lady.

Image courtesy of House of Cards via Instagram.

“I researched photos of Old Hollywood starlets while they were off-duty. Katharine Hepburn reading scripts, Lauren Bacall at the airport, and so on. I watched the movie Adam's Rib (which also centers around personal and professional tension between a husband and wife) to note the styles of women in the courtroom and apply that essence to Claire's looks when she visits the United Nations. I also collected vintage patterns from the mid-'40s by designers like Jacques Fath and dug through dusty boxes at vintage stores across the country,” Harris said.

By reading the script, Harris was able to take moments like the presidential photograph scene where Claire flinches more obvious by styling her outfit so that the muscles on Wright’s neck would be exposed and show the disdain for acutely. “Plus, the open boatneck style of this icy lilac dress is super flattering on Robin and beautifully showcased the thin strand of pearls she was wearing,” Harris added.

Check out all of Kermal Harris’ designs on Season 3 of House of Cards, streaming on Netflix now.
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