Designer to Watch: Phoenix Keating from Australia

Back in 2009 Phoenix Keating got his first taste of success when Lady Gaga’s stylist's noticed his debut collection. By the time his second collection arrived, Gaga was wearing two of the pieces in her impromptu show in Sydney, Australia, which brought his brand to an international relevance.

Photo courtesy of Phoenix Keating via Instagram.

Following this success, Keating was invited to show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in 2012, where he was nominated for a Woolworth award. Keating became the youngest designer nominated since Karl Lagerfeld (21 at the time) and Yves Saint Laurent (18 at the time) in 1954.

Keating said about preparing for shows, “Before a show I am extremely busy. There isn’t much time to think, let alone mentally prepare. However it’s a case of constantly remembering to stay calm and go with the flow. There are many hurdles to get over and personally it’s a case of letting the problems wash over you while figuring out how to solve them. I developed stress-induced psoriasis from these things so I have learned to calm down and go at my own speed.”

In October 2014, Phoenix held a small press showing in New York City to rave reviews, boosting his popularity and visibility on the radar. Keating is now set to show in Sydney in April, with rumors of showing in New York in September.

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