Amber Rose Goes Commando at NYFW

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Amber Rose was the star of the Laurel Dewitt fashion show at New York Fashion Week earlier today. The show featured 100% hand crafted attire assembled with gold embellishments and sequins in an obvious Egyptian tone.

Alongside Amber Rose was Swizz Beatz’s son, Kasseem Jr., who stood front and center. Among the audience were celebrities Mimi Faust, Emily B, and Mashonda Tifrere. The show was met with much praise and is being called one of the crown jewels of this year’s New York Fashion Week. When Mimi Faust was asked if she would wear any of the pieces from the show she said to S2S, “I totally would. You couldn’t tell me nothing if I walked into a place with one of those pieces on; I would shut it down.”

While the garments were certainly awe inspiring, Amber Rose stole the show. The star looked as if she was going commando and stormed onto the runway in a black and gold hooded cape as if it were second nature.
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