Fashion Project: Charity Through Your Closet

Fashion Project is a website dedicated to selling used luxury brand fashion products at a fraction of the retail price with 55% of the cost going towards a non-profit charity of the seller’s choice. The web page has helped donate over $600,000 to over 1,700 different charities in the two years that it’s been active.

The founders, Anna Palmer and Christine Rizk, started the company after discovering designer names in the bargain bin of a thrift shop. Realizing that there must be a better way to recycle used luxury brands, Fashion Project was born.

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“The company really came out of a personal passion of mine and my co-founder’s,” says Palmer. “One of the things that’s great is the amount of impact that people can have through their closets.”

The site’s motto is “Fashion as a force for good” and shoppers are rewarded for donating by receiving a tax credit on all of their purchases. The entire experience is a win for all parties.

Visit Fashion Project to update your wardrobe for spring and give back to your community.
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