Trellie’s Smart Jewelry, the Next Stage in Fashion

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As the Apple Watch looms in the future, tech jewelry––or wearables––are coming to the forefront of fashion. Among the competitors, Ringly and Cuff, comes a new challenger with a more innovative longevity to the technology and fashion behind the wearables called Trellie.

The Apple Watch

The biggest problem with technology and fashion is that as soon as you purchase a new cell phone or pair of pants they go out of style and become antiquated after a few months. Trellie addresses this problem with what they are calling the ‘nugget’. The nugget is a dime-sized piece of technology that will alert the wearer by vibration or light via bluetooth connectivity to a cellular device running on IOS or Android. Trellie’s competitors sell devices built-in to jewelry, which means that one would have to wear the same piece of jewelry every day or spend hundreds of dollars to get enough wearable jewelry to rotate throughout the week. To rectify this, the nugget that Trellie sells is removable and can be inserted into many different pieces of jewelry, from necklaces to rings and bracelets.

This spring, Trellie will begin to sell it’s “starter kit” including a silver or gold-plated ring, the nugget, and a charger for $99 to $129 (retail) in stores and via pre-order on it’s website.
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