Light Up Your Lingerie this Valentine’s with Chromat

Bionic LED Bra from FW14 "Bionic Bodies" Collection
3D Printed LAce Bra from SS15 "Formula 15" Collection
3D Printed Face Mask and bra from SS15 "Formula 15" Collection
Metropolis Corset from FW14 "Bionic Bodies" Collection
LED Face Mask from FW14 "Bionic Bodies" Collection
Chromat's FW14 'Bionic Bodies' Collection at New York Fashion Week
3D Printed Pocket Skirt from SS15 "Formula 15" Collection
Chromed Metropolis Dress from FW14 "Bionic Bodies" Collection
3D Printed Odile Bustier from SS15 "Formula 15" Collection
Chromed Bralette from FW14 "Bionic Bodies" Collection worn by professional sword swallower, Lucky Hell.
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If you’ve visited the Cloud Couture exhibit at the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator’s Pratt Institute, you know that your jacket is now capable of giving you street directions. You probably found out that you can now find your bra in the dark, as well. One of the most exciting developments in recent fashion history is the rise of wearable technology. Chips can now be embedded in clothing to provide information instantly, and fabrics can now be pulled out of thin air through 3D printing. Also, embellishments have taken on a new meaning, with LED lights joining the ranks of beads and sequins. Chromat is one of the most exciting innovators in the field of wearable technology––and the LED-lit bra is just the tip of the iceberg.

Chromat aptly calls its designs: Structural Experiments for the Human Body. Head designer, Becca McCharen uses her background in architecture and urban designs to create clothing that are more like “wearable exoskeletons.” For FW14, Chromat threw in technology into the mix and created its “Bionic Bodies” collection. Programmed LED lights were integral parts of the collection, which told the story of a person being consumed by her screen. Smartphone obsession, perhaps? Chromat showed the Bionic Bodies collection in last year’s FW fashion show, and now key pieces are displayed at the Pratt Institute. For SS15, Chromat has decided to manufacture fabric through 3D printing. They have also made use of embedded activity tracking devices with the help of Misfit Wearables. Since Chromat featured many of their designs on Instagram for fans to enjoy, we’ve decided to feature some of their best designs. Take a look at Chromat’s innovative designs in the gallery above.

Credit: Images courtesy of Chromat via Instagram
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