West Coast Best Coast! Jay Z and Beyonce Move to LA

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Beyonce and Jay Z’s 3-year-old child, Blue Ivy, has been enrolled in an elite private preschool in Los Angeles––with a tuition of $15,080 a year––as the family prepares to settle into a LA zip code. The couple won’t have a hard time blending in with California natives, as far as style is concerned.

The trio took a stay-cation in Los Angeles during the summer of 2014 at a gorgeous home near Beverly Hills with an price tag of $200,000 a month. Jay and Bey must have fallen in love with their summer fling in California and have decided to come back for a longer stay. An insider that spoke to TMZ said the family just wants a ‘change in lifestyle’.

They are currently living out of a secret hotel in Beverly Hills as they search for their dream home around Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, or Bel-Air.

The couple has always looked good in Cali-Couture, frequently being spotted in short shorts, sunglasses, and in Bey’s case: sunkissed blonde hair.

Check out the slideshow for Jay Z and Beyonce’s best summer styles.
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