#DIESELHIGH Puts ‘Fun’ Back in Fashion

From America’s Next Top Model to Desigual's September catalogue, Chantelle Brown-Young is now the star of Diesel’s latest Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. Alongside Brown-Young is Charlotte Free and Gryphon O'Shea, all photographed by Nick Knight. The spread shows smiles, bright colors and models being playful.

Photo Courtesy of Diesel via Instagram.

Last year Diesel was determined to have a fresh start, focusing on using a diverse range of models––including Jillian Mercado–– and utilizing the hashtag #DieselReboot. This year the creative director at Diesel, Nicola Formichetti, told Style.com, "I told [Nick Knight] I just wanted to see people smiling and having fun." This year the tagline is #DieselHigh and according to Formichetti the photos are all re-touch free. “Of course we played with the background color and the clothes a bit, but no one's head was chopped off and replaced with another. We wanted it to be pretty raw. I find imperfection really beautiful."

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