‘Fresh Dressed’ Schools Us at Sundance

The must-see documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, Fresh Dressed, will be coming to a small screen near you. CNN commissioned Sacha Jenkins––creative director at Mass Appeal––to make the film. The film took a year and a half to complete and includes interviews with over seventy industry representatives from fashion and hip hop including: Pharrell Williams, Andre Leon Talley, Dapper Dan, and Tisci.

The film is comprised of old-school video footage and new interviews to compare and contrast how fashion has influenced hip hop and vice versa.

Dapper Dan in 1988
Photo courtesy of Nas via Instagram

Jenkins said to Fashionista in an interview, "In this stage of my life, I'm interested in doing things that can somehow educate people. Everyone loves fashion, everyone can relate to it. So it was a great way to tell a bigger story about hip-hop and culture."

The film was co-produced with Nas and should be expected to hit televisions later this year. Watch below for an exclusive first look at Fresh Dressed.

Clip 1 What Does It Mean To Be Fresh Dressed from USA Studios on Vimeo.

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