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James Franco jumps from headline to headline, week after week, tackling literary debates, producing films, starring in movies, causing controversy, and making hearts swoon. His style and fashion have developed into a taste that is refined and rugged.

This week. Franco was seen at the Sundance Film Festival where he opened up about the controversy surrounding his latest silver screen appearance in The Interview, talked about his latest role as real-life murderer Christian Longo, and joked with co-star Emma Roberts on her kissing abilities.

“It’s funny to see all the different reactions, and the way they also changed,” Franco told The Daily Beast at Sundance. “At first, it was as if all of Hollywood was under attack and we’re representing Hollywood, and then you have these right-wingers coming out and saying, ‘Go see this movie!’ Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are saying, ‘Go see this movie!’ without having even seen it themselves, just because.” Franco interpreted Gingrich and Romney’s support as temporary at best.

True Story, another of Franco’s many projects premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie is based on Michael Finkel’s book about his relationship with a convicted child-murderer, Christian Longo. Franco had plenty to say about his role as Longo to Reuters, "He's probably the worst person that I've ever played, just because I have such a great family and there's just something so horrible about killing your kids. So I have very little connection to him.” The film makes its debut to local theaters on April 10.

Franco said to Heroine Magazine and Emma Roberts, “I felt like our kiss was better in the second movie than in Palo Alto. So either you got better at kissing… [or] I was thinking maybe you were just being an amazing actress.” Emma Roberts and Franco recently shared the screen in I Am Michael where they took their second embrace.

James Franco is the man that men want to be and women want to be with. His style has matured and become admirable. The evidence is in the slideshow.
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