The Hat For Every Occasion

Unisex, wide-brim, vintage, or handmade––wool hats are in and they’re going to be huge this summer. The return of the wool (or felt if you can’t afford the real deal) is nothing new, but this spring will see mass variation on the black standard. Watch out for dark reds, blues, purples, and oranges.

These hats can be worn year round, but with the sun coming out in a couple months you’ll be thankful for the wide brim. Take it to a horse race, a club, a beach, a music festival, a funeral; the options are endless.

Fine Hats at California Shop in Tokyo

These hats don’t just go with a blazer, they fit well with a tank top and jeans, a bikini, or even a sundress. If you are having a bad hairday they can be a life saver. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and wear the hat at an angle, over one eye, or leaning back. These hats are meant to be worn with attitude. Think Al Capone when you put your hat on in the morning.
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